Accessing the Joseon program, you will follow a training program by ranks, learning the basic sword movements, forms, combat steps, breathing and energy exercises, cutting and snuffing candles, at the same time that you will go through history and evolution of the Korean sword, discovering the philosophy of the great warriors and the culture of a nation that survived centuries through the art of sword handling.

CHGA – “Mind, Body and Sword, Together to Be One”


The most significant period in the history of Korea was the time when the Joseon dynasty ruled the peninsula, achieving maximum cultural and social splendor, building for 500 years the representative identity of the people. King Taejo was the first ruler of this dynasty, adopting philosophical precepts of respect and commitment. Its prosperity made it a region envied by neighboring countries and therefore the target of many invasion attempts. Great military strategists emerged, including the national hero, Admiral Yi Sun Shin, who never lost a single battle.

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